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fredag 30 mars 2012

First offense - Stranded in the combat zone 7'' (2005)

01. Sinking ships
02. Dirty Americans
03. Courage in the crowd
04. Downtown at dawn

Released by Step Up! Records in 2005.

Thanks to Matt for this record. Sad to hear that both your sites are down.

Before i start trashing the EP i must add that this is not in any way bad music, its just not the music i like and as far from what i believe true punk sounds one can possibly get.

Its that all to familuar street-punk mixed with rock'n'roll sound that we hear over and over again as if a whole generation of punks/skins grew up on Rancid and Hudson Falcons alone. I can see that some like this and i dont make it my mission to trash bands who play this music but a band that seems to reappear under the banner of Oi! has to be called out on it. This is not Oi!, bottom line.

Their second song on the EP is an ok rocksong that grows on you but other than that the EP is quite weak. Especially the song Courage in the crowd, who the fuck put that song together? Its a bloody mess!
The record can still be bought at:

2 kommentarer:

  1. Why did they let a chic in the band if shes not even hot?

    1. Maybe because she knows how to play an instrument? I dont know?