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måndag 19 mars 2012

Hooligans party - Doin' it with our boots on Cassette (1999)

01. 21 guns
02. Skinhead roots
03. 1000 strong
04. Freedom
05 40oz of aggro
06 Bootboy army
07 Doin' it with our boots on

Released on cassette by the band in 1999.

Thanks to Jay from Boot Militia for sending it in.

A band from West Philladelphia that totally flew over my and i guess most others heads to. Never heard about them before i got this one sent to me.
The band consisted of Matt on vocals, Mark on guitar, Andrew on bass and Dave on drums.The band did some shows with other Oi! acts like Sniper and Boot Militia around the time but nothing more really happened.

The cassette has a nice gutterfeeling to it and reminds me about the great first demo by British band Loyalty both in sound and quality. The band sounds somewhat like a mashup of early The bruisers and Best defence and succeds in surprising me in a good way. Its quite fun how a scene i have been a diehard for during all these years still have hidden gems like this band. The themes of the tape is skinhead pride and good old US freedom over all. The best song on the cassette is the tribute to US vets called 21 guns. Damn i miss this sort of sound.

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