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söndag 25 mars 2012

First offense - The army of youth 7'' (2000) + 2004 re-recorings

Original 2000 EP:
01. Kids that count
02. United youth
03. Fuck love
04. Dirty fucking hippies
05. Laced for battle
2004 re-recordings:
01. Kids that count
02. Dirty fucking hippies
03. Fuck love
04. Laced for battle
05. Lets start the revolution

The EP was released by Sewer Scum Recordings in 2000.
The re-recordings was released in 2004 as the Still standing strong EP. Dont know if it was a proper release or a demo though. (Thanks to Jay IRC for sending the 2004 version in)

A band from Ohio that started out as a pure punkproject in 1999 but later changed into more of a streetpunk/Oi! mixture in the mid 00's. The original lineup was Dan on vocals, Troi on bass, Tom & Bryan on guitar, Smitty on drums. The lineup has changed a lot and today only the singer is the original member left.
A band i really liked in the beginning but to be honest i cant really stand the later stuff they have released, the fact that they seem to suck up to Old firm casuals dont really earn them any points in my book either.

The album:
Its quite fun that i have the first copy of the first release by a band that i dont really like anymore. But this first EP is actually really good.
Its not in any way a through and through Oi! record but their influences are taken from various original UK bands and that can be heard here.
The coverart is fantastic in that DIY-style and the same goes for the music. Pure punk at streetlevel.
Both Kids that count and Dirty fucking hippies are fantastic the best song is Laced for battle. A track about punk/skin unity, a cliché subject i know but it sounds great.
My big question is why did you guys change your sound when it worked this great?

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