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tisdag 20 mars 2012

Sniper - Demo (1998)

01. Sniper Oi!
02. Bare knuckles
03. Youth crusaders
04. Beat the odds
05. Micky Fitz

Thanks to Jay from Boot militia for sending it in.

Sniper was an unknown band from Pennsylvania that is best known for their appearance on the East coast of Oi! compilation from 1999 (and not to be confused with the awefull RAC band from Finland). Many have probably wondered if they had anything else and as far as i know this is all they had.

Classic Oi! sound with a melodic and skilled singer. The lyrics are skinhead cliché about "being skinhead" and staying united, you have probably heard it all before but why not hear it once more.
Their song Bare knuckles from the comp is a song burned into my ears so its nice to finally hear something new. All songs are of high quality but Beat the odds is a favourite.

4 kommentarer:

  1. thanks mate i do like the classic USA Oi
    sound of 80/90s thanks for this one

  2. Do you have any idea what they are saying on "Micky Fitz"

  3. Cant say i do but i guess its about The business. Will listen to it some more.

  4. I think they were from York, PA. I had the original cassette years ago.