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torsdag 1 mars 2012

On trial - Demo (2012)

01. Traitor
02. Drop the bomb
03. Nationalist
04. We own tonight

Thanks to the band for sending this one in.

Pulling no punches on this demo and my guess is they gain some enemies on the way. Since being nationalist and pro-nation these day is equivalent to being a German in the 40's (yes even in the skinhead scene) my guess is some people will look on them with new eyes. Those who do need to remember that punk in its purest form is rebellion. In an age of internationalsm and globalisation i can think of nothing more rebellious than standing up for your nation. Those who slag this of probably still rock around to The glory it once was by Templars.

With that out of the way i must say its nice to see a band stickin' their nose out in the way that On trial does here. Not only do they refuse to tiptoe the line of political correctness they also deliver one of the best songs i have heard in 2012. Traitor that starts the demo of has one hell of a catchy melody and i cant seem to get the bass out of my head, i am sure that it sounds like an old The cure tune but cant put a finger on which one.

Since the band seem to get tighter by every release i cant imagine how their next album will sound.
Top stuff!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks for posting this band, always just knew them from flyers and so, yes, and so it's great to finally hear them "for real" by myself. Even I think Patriotism and Nationalism aren't the same I think your words are damn right with being pro-nation equals for the majority of the nutjobs from the left to the right today to be a ''german in the 1940's'' (great!!!) and that's sad and ridiculous!!! This band is great, lyrics and music totally rule, and hopefully finally a label will bring them out. Damn it, where the hell went good labels like "VULTURE ROCK" and "AMERICAN DEFENSE" that would have the guts to bring them out... Btw, am I out of my mind or what, I mean they really remind me somehow a little bit of THE UNRULY back to their full length days and that's always a good thing... Cheers & Oi!

  2. Thanks for all of the On Trial stuff, B. I tried to get my hands on some of these a while back with no luck. And thanks to the band, too!

  3. Thanks Bernardo, first time i hear them.

  4. DIM should really sign this band.