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måndag 26 mars 2012

First offense - Rock n' roll bad guys (2005)

01. Lets start the revolution
02. One fight left
03. Sidelines
04. Stand strong, walk proud
05. Affliction
06. Streets are ours
07. Till' death do us part

Released by Step up! Records in 2005.

To be honest i have no idea if this release was on CD or LP since this particular one is an onlinerecord. The band now offers it for free through the internet.

I remembered that i liked this album but now going back to it i cant really understand whats so great about it. As streetpunk it works fine but since i never been much for that music i dont understand why i liked it in the first place. Dan sounds a bit to punk for me and even though the choruses are quite catchy there isnt really much that stands out in a positive way.
Basicly your run of the mill streetpunk. If your into that you'll like it but if your taste is like mine then i think you will be dissapointed.
Since i remember that i liked this album and hated the later ones so i am not looking forward to reviewing those next.
Or download the record without the last track from their bandpage for free.

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