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fredag 16 mars 2012

Changed to Rapidfire and re-uped a couple.

With Megaupload's founders being shipped of to jail with rapists and junkies for their crimes against humanity and Mediafire taking it up the ass by anti-piracy agencies by removing users content without asking questions it seems Rapidshare is the last outpost.

Rapidshare is way slower and a bit of a hazzle but better than getting legal uploads removed after a week.

Through Rapidshare i have now re-uploaded some of the albums on my requested upload list.

The records are:
Anti-heros - American pie CD (1996) with full coverart this time.
American outlaws - Demo (2004)
Arresting officers - Patriotic voices CD (1988)
Arresting officers - Land and heritage CD (1990) with better coverart this time.
On trial - Falling down CD (2009)

Will post more re-uploads soon and will also start reviewing new stuff again next week. This black march stuff is some of the most unproductive stuff i have ever been a part of.

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