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torsdag 29 oktober 2009

Arresting officers - Patriotic voices (1988)

01. Evil has landed
02. Deserve
03. Left out
04. Slum river
05. Get the reds out
06. Disorderly conduct
07. Falling to bits
08. Dont you wish
09. Disarm never
10. Stars and stripes
11. Little terrors
12. Changing of the

Released by Rock-O-Rama Records in 1988.

(Updated 16 March 2012: Uploaded the album again)

Ok so this is the point of my "blogg-carrer" where i loose a lot of readers and get a lot of new once that i never really wanted in the first place. It is also that time and place where a lot of my friends will wonder if i have completely lost it to the "dark side" and them tough kids with strong political beliefs start googling my e-mail to find out my home adress. But when shit has to be done it has to be done.
This band is one of the greatest punk bands in history and what they did for todays street punk and Oi! is something no other band from US have done. What i could have left out was that they also did songs for a compilation album with Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack and Young bloods.
I will not try to defend the guys in any way. They where pro-white, they where nationalist and they made songs with facists tendensies. Basicaly they where as far to the right you can get without becoming nazi. But this was in 1988. Fucking 88 just look at the date. Get over it.
Why i have to upload such a political band to this non political site is that the members went on to play in some of todays best ppunkbands. Both Bob Shelfer and Steve McCarthy would later go on to play in Limecell and later on in Sons of Liberty.

Their drummer Brian also played in the whitepower band Break the sword before joining this band (which doesnt really give them any more points on the PC scale).

The sound is a one of a kind (atleast back in 1988) and you can so clearly hear where a lot of todays American Oi!bands have taken their inspiration. There is not a single bad track on the album and even if i might be tired of a hard week at work and not thinking straight i think i can say that the song Dont you wish is the most most groundbreaking song ever in US Oi! history.

12 kommentarer:

  1. hey meatball, the song "don't you wish" that you call "groundbreaking", is a rip-off of "waiting for a friend" by the 4-Skins. just listen to the bass line. so much for "groundbreaking", huh?
    and i like how you excuse A.O.'s national socialist beliefs - but you call The Allegaince "ignorant racists". put down the crack pipe and seek help!

  2. Since i only own The good, the bad & the 4-skins i have never heard the track but the fact that ALL Us Oi! is influenced by British counterpart is obvious. What i do on this site is i talk about US Oi! not british and in US this album was groundbreaking. Since you are anonymous i guess you dont want this discussion to continue.

  3. This is one of the best Oi! Albums ever, 10/10 very well deserved!

  4. Is there a new download site? Megaupload no longer works in the United States.

  5. Note added and it will be uploaded again in the next re-upload heap

  6. I listened to this album upon your recommendation, the recommendation of some guy on a forum who I happened to encounter at round about the same time saying that it was one of the greatest oi! albums ever and on the strength of hearing some Limecell and thinking that it was pretty good.

    Well... it made me feel rather sad inside.

    This is further right than I'm comfortable going in my musical listening, to be honest. I suppose that it affirmed once more for me that I could never be one of those 'I listen to WP stuff because I like the music' guys...

    Anyway - that's my €0.02 on The AO.


    1. Sad to hear that. To me this is one of the most ultimate Oi! albums ever. Thinking of the age it was recorded in i dont really see it as that politically charged really.

  7. far right without being nazis? these guys were absolutely nazis and caused a lot of shit when they were around.

    1. Since youre anonymous and cant mention the "horrible" things these "nazis" did my guess is your full of shit

  8. agreed one of the very best Oi! bands of all time from that time every song from every album was fuckin great and no they were not nazis lol for one nazi is a german thing witch died when the war eneded.Now days we have powerheads AKA white power skins. But in my opinion A.O were just true patriots who had strong beliefs and a more right wing band. Back in the 80s this shit was normal if you dont like it dont listen to it no one is making you your just going to miss out on real amreican oi.

    1. I can see where your comming from but one can still be a "nazi" today if one follows the teachings of Adolf and believs in racial connection to national socialism. Though most people being singled out as nazis are just what you say racialists or plain rightwinged nationalists without any racial beliefs whatsoever.
      Great album all the way through

  9. After ignoring this album for way too long after the bad impression I got of the band because of their follow up album, I finally decided to give it a spin after hearing Brassic's The Evil Has Landed cover, and I'm damn glad I did.

    It's so tight, musically so good, but what also stands out for me are the vocals and the writing, the voice and delivery is so good, and the text so goddamn well written, even though the subject matter is not something I would normally listen to. It's a shame they only did this album in this style.

    Had this album on at least once a day since Februari.

    Keep up the great blog Bernando.