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söndag 18 oktober 2009

The Ratfinks - Detroit fuckers (2005)

01. Detroit fuckers
02. Fuckass
03. 9 to 5
04. Bro
05. Fuck religion
06. Emo fucks
07. Real boot boys
08. Punks n' skins
09. Forgotten
10. Working class
11. Another round
12. I wanna riot
13. D.D.S.

First and only album by this band. Released by Detroit Noise (never heard of them before) in 2005.

4 young punks and skins from Detroit playing new style Oi!core (reminds me of a bit of Fear City). Taking their bandname from slang for a person who is undesirable and obnoxious you can quickly get to grips of what were dealing with here.

The singing is growling and aggro mixed with uberspeeded drums and slapping bass. Add some lyrics like fuck religion, fuck the flag, fucking emo's and a song called Fuckass and you got yourself some pretty pissed punk kids.
The opening track is great but after that it just gets worse. Nothing is really bad but these guys are to punk on the verge of GG. Allin punk (and no thats not a good thing in my book).
If your into the more crusty part of punk then this will fitt you perfectly (i think) but ill have to pass.
(Love the oldschool cover though)
(Update 20/10 2009. Seems my uploaded file was broken. This is now fixed so the download should work fine now)

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