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torsdag 22 oktober 2009

The bruisers - Independence day EP (1990)

01. Never fall
02. My pride
03. 21 years
04. Nation on fire (Blitz cover)
05. We will survive
06. Independence day
07. Eyes on fire

Released in 500 copies by Nirvana records (part of Sonic Aggression Records) in 1990.

A new drummer but still the same great sound.
Much respect to Sonic aggression for releasing this record, but come on 500 copies!?!?!
Great lyrics and the same great Oi! sound. Al Barr really stands out here he sounds more relaxed then on the previous record. Funny thing is he actually makes Blitz song Nation on fire sound even better then the original.
Not a single bad track on this record either but if i have to pick a favourite it has to be the title-track on this one to.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Nation On Fire Better Than Original?!?!WTF? Its sound horrible! Will He Ever Learn To Play The Bass? JFC!

  2. I wrote that the voaclist All Barr makes the song better.

  3. 10/10 - i agree. perfect early 90s US Oi!