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onsdag 14 oktober 2009

Anti-pacifist - Antipacifist EP (1999)

01. Virus
02. National identity
03. Antipacifist
04. Proletarian

(re-uploaded 11 November 2011 with full artwork scans this time)

A maxi-EP released by Dim Records in 1999.

Completely forgotten 4-piece band from Long beach in California playing typical SoCal tempoed punk.
This is the first and only release by these one"hit"wonders.
Not the greatest soundquality and maybe not the greatest band but a rare recording with some listeningvalue.
These guys have great rhytm in their songs and especially on the track National identity.
Other then that this is only for the Oi! hardknocks since i cant see any streetpunk kid finding this even a remote bit good.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Dude, I have been listening to this band for years, almost everyday. This music rocks, my friends and I started a cover band called the "Re-anti Pacifists" here is Pittsburgh. It's more for fun, we rarely play live but have a hell of a time practicing. The lyrics are out of this world, very profound. I also love the rhythm. I would love to meet these guys, and pick their brains.

  2. can you re-up this one for me?