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söndag 4 oktober 2009

The unruly - Call to arms DEMO (1996) + bonus

01. Nowhere to run
02. Hopeless
03. True to the boot
04. Wars entity
05. Call to arms
06. Lost cause

Bonus songs:
07. One man's war
08. The plauge

Band from NY started by guitarist Dave Niles. Started out like a fun project and ended up so wrong. This story reminds me of Red, white & blue and the way they ended.
They formed in 1995 and released a long lost demo and then this demo a year later. Featured themselfs with two exclusive songs on the swedish compilation cd We will never die Vol.1. Got a record deal with Vulture rock, released 1 LP and 1 Ep and then broke up. There was big plans for the band and they had just recorded a split with the Spanish band Ruin Bois but because of political differences it never was released. Dave Niles appeared in a white power mazine anouncing that being a patriot wasnt enough and that he was going on to other things. He formed a white power band with the name Marching on and the other members went on to form the racist band Kick to kill.

Anyway before all this they where one of the hardest and most promising punkbands from New York at the time. This demo consists of songs that would all be released on their full-lenght in 1998 but they actually sound better in this unmastered version.
My favourite is Hopeless that is one of my least favourite songs on the later album. Dont know what Vulture rock did with them but they sound ten times better without a record deal.
I also added 2 songs from the swedish compilation We will never die Vol.1 (these songs was never re-released in any other way 100% exclusive).

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  1. Hey, do you reckon that you could re-up this, whenever you have the time?


  2. One small correction, the We Will Never Die vol.1 and 2 compilations were not Swedish but Dutch (Nordisc Records were a Dutch label). Great site!