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måndag 5 oktober 2009

Run like hell - Give 'em hell (2005)

01. Cross to bear
02. Tired
03. We wont tolerate it anymore
04. Honest man
05. In memory
06. Strong and proud
07. Stand alone
08. Guerilla warfare
09. The only way is forward
10. In the toss
11. Misfired
12. Put it to rest

Released in 2005 by german Coretex Records.

The group also had an Ep released by Dead City records in 2001 but all those songs was re-released on this full-lenght.
The band started in late 90's with an all-star lineup of bandmembers who had played in such bands as Awkward Thought, The Maladjusted, Positron, Bombs Away, & Swish.
They label themselfs as streetrock but in reallity they are harder then that to label. Clear influences from hardcore and Oi! but with the mainstream touch of streetpunk.
The band has split up back and forth the latest years but since they featured with 2 songs for the 2009 movie release The wrestler we can all hope that they get another chance at recording.

Best tracks on the album is Stand alone, In the toss (featured on The wrestler soundtrack) and Put it to rest (GIVE US MORE PIANOPLAY IN PUNK!!!!!!).

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