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lördag 10 oktober 2009

Lions pride - Demo (1989)

01. Lions pride
02. Sons of liberty
03. Welfare
04. Terrorism
05. Riot act
06. Skinhead
07. We will win
08. Hell hole
09. Stars and stripes
10. Number one crop

Classic but forgotten band from California with a fun cast of members (if you look at what they do today).
Greg Narvas (drums) would later go on to play in the famous reggae/ska band Hepcat and is also the author of the comicbook I Was A Teenage Filipino Skinhead.
Eric Owens (Bass) also played in Bootboys and later on changed his views and started the facistband Young bloods. He has today left the skinhead culture and is working for the racist Institute for historical review (a group of nutjobs rewriting world war 2 and the slavetrade etc).
Martin Ruane (guitar) also did the vocals for the band Headstrong and i think he was active in Bootboys to (correct me if i am wrong).

Great demo and i wonder why Disconnected Records choose to re-release Headstrongs material instead of these songs.
Slowtempo Oi! with typical American "good ol' boy" lyrics.
Best tracks on the album are Terrorism a song explaining how tired they are of terrorists doing suicidebombings and airplanes being hijacked but most of all because they made the vocalists mother cry (WTF!?).
Welfare a song about the feeling of working hard for minimum wage and still having to pay for the people who "choose" not to work (maybe they should try living in Sweden where we have 31% tax).
Skinheads and We will win that both are about the skinhead way and being crucified for the way you dress.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I like their sound a lot! Especially for a demo this sounds good. Was this ever released on a cassette or vinyl?

    1. Never got a proper release as far as i know. Maybe some bootleg but not on label