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lördag 31 oktober 2009

Limecell - Destroy the underground (2000)

01. Drunk again
02. Flip flops and champagne
03. Said it before
04. U-3
05. No action
06. Crazy dave
07. Kiss ass
08. Just plain pissed
09. Hey looser
10. Love me like a reptile (Motörhead cover)
11. Roadkill
12. Bloodthirsty stalker

Released by Headache records in 2000.

After 4 years of a bunch off halfass splits, liverecords and dedication albums they finally released a new full-lenght. But this is far from the old sound and their Motörhead influences really shines through especially on the fifth track (just listen to the first 30 seconds and youll know what im talking about).
Even if i think this is their weakest release some tracks rise above (Roadkill and Drunk again).
Around the same time as this album was released Steve and Bob would start up another pure Oi! project called Sons of liberty but more about them later.

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