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måndag 19 oktober 2009

Boot Party - Yer fate 7'' (1995)

01. Yer fate
02. Oi! boys
03. Dead end job

Released by Vulture rock in 1995.

Probably the most wellknown unknown American Oi! band. Everybody know their songs but not much is known about them. For instance there was another skinhead band from Spartanburg with the same name that released a album called Headstomp. This is NOT the same group.
This band originates from Fresno California and released 1 album and 3 EP's. It consisted of members that would later go on to form the bands Soldier 76 and later on Pattons Legion.Original lineup was Will (vocals), Lars (guitar), Bo (Bass) and Chris (drums).
They played original patriotic Oi! and was one of the best selling groups in American Oi. The band was also wellknown for their large following at the concerts and it seamed that most nonpolitical skins in california by the time joined around their ranks creating groups such as Boot Party crew and Boot Party security.

This was their first proper release and it contains one of my favourite US Oi! tracks (Oi! Boys).
Classic slowtempo Oi! at its best.

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