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tisdag 13 oktober 2009

Lonesoldier - Lonesoldier DEMO (2004)

01. Grendel
02. Showdown
03. Graves
04. Identity

Second demo from the Cali band Lonesoldier.
A bit fatser and a bit more HC then on the first demo but i dont mind cause the drummer finally seems to be finding the rhytm on this one.
They start of the demo with a dedication to the old Danish partycrasher Grendel from old scandinavian mythology (that sort of reminds me about a certain friend of mine when he has to many beers in his belly.... Anders.L......) but the best track is by far Identity.
This demo was supposed to be released by American defence records but instead they re-released the 2004 Ep by Nation of suspects (nice going).

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