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tisdag 20 oktober 2009

Boot Party - Bricks to concrete (1996)

01. Working class revolt
02. The suss
03. Three strikes
04. Dead end job
05. Bricks to concrete
06. M.R.C.
07. Firebomb
08. Suburban nightmare
09. The boot in
10. Facets of freedom
11. Working class thug

Originaly released by Vulture rock in 1996 on vinyl but later rereleased on cd around 2000.

Listening to this album today it sounds a bit cliché but keep in mind that this is from 1996 and lyrics about "riots in the streets" and talking about being working class in every song was still not overdone by this time.
Even if time havnt treated this album good a song like Facets of freedom sound a bit childish today it was a milestone in Americas skinheadscene.
Best songs are Working class revolt, Firebomb and the instrumental track M.R.C.

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