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söndag 25 oktober 2009

The bruisers - In the pit (2000)

01. Bloodshed
02. Societys fools
03. Never fall
04. Eyes of fire
05. Live for now (Iron cross cover)
06. Independence day
07. My pride
08. Nation on fire
09. Never fall (Live)
10. 21 years (Live)
11. Intimidation (Live)
12. Eyes of fire (Live)
13. Independence day (Live)
14. Bloodshed (Live)
15. Police oppression (Live)
16. American night (Live)
17. We will survive (Live)
18. In this country

Released by TKO Records in 2000.

Contains their earlier songs and liverecordings from 1992. Only new and rare songs that appear is a cover of an old Iron cross song and the last song called In this country which is the only of the old 1988 demotracks that never made on to any of their earlier records.
As much as i hate live-records or greatest hits albums TKO should have a lot of respect for releasing the songs that actually made a difference in the music-scene. All good old songs and 2 exclusive tracks is enough to make me happy.
This one is still for sale in online stores so hurry up and get it.

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