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tisdag 6 oktober 2009

Model citizen - American Oi! (1997)

01. Out on the street
02. Boots
03. Braces
04. We bite
05. Should've known
06. Trust
07. Wired shut
08. Dead on it
09. Minor threat
10. MTV punkrocker

Early recordings from mid 90's released by Dead City records in 1997.
These are basicly demo-songs but released as a mastered cd and it gives that raw punksound (even reminds me of early Oi Polloi on some tracks).
The band is a NY band but also consists of members from New Jersey based Tears of frustration. Also featured members from The Krays (early line-up).
Band also had a lp called Chapter 21 but it was never released.

All in all its a great album especially if your more into hardcore then Oi!.
Best songs on the cd is Boot and We bite.

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