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måndag 12 oktober 2009

United blood - Sons of liberty 7'' (1997)

01. Sons of liberty
02. Brainwashed
03. Raise your pint

Released by Cheetah's Records in 1997.
United blood (dont know if its a tribute to the old NYHC crew) is a band playing classic Oi! with r'n'r influences. Originating from the hardcorescene in California and consisting of the former singer for HC band Special Forces Orlando Xavier aka "The Ox". Israel Branson of Special forces is also playing guitar in this band but dont worry this is nothing like their old band this is pure Oi! and sounds a bit like the New York scene of the same era.
"The ox" also sounds very simulair to Eddie Bastard from Patriot especially on the title-track.

This record is a real rarity and i know a lot of people never heard of them before and if you havnt you are missing out on some solid American Oi!.
The first song is a dedication to the nation, constitution and the fight for freedom (for whatever and wherever that fight is taking place?).
Brainwashed is the best track on the ep and is a message to everyone pissing their life away in front of the tv (or making bloggs) and is followed by Raise your pint with a more classic Oi! message and singalong choruses.

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  1. Actually, I didn't play on this. Unfortunately, I never got to record with United Blood. For the seven months I was in the band, I think we wrote two songs (at least that I can remember). We wrote the Hard Way (Ric, our drummer wrote it, actually) and another song called Kangaroo Court, which I don't, for the life of me, remember what it sounds like other than being fast (similar to Blitz's "I Don't Need You"....which Intrepid actually covered early on). On all the United Blood recordings, it was Orlando (v), Jessica (g), Heiko (b), and Ric (d). I think Chris recorded on the other 7"s but not this one, but I'm not sure. Jessica has gone on to play in metal and other bands in recent years. I'm pretty sure this is her main band now.... http://www.myspace.com/wormouroboros Heiko was later in One Man Army. Ric played for a while in Proudflesh (with two members of Crucifix, but they more of a rock and roll meets Motorhead kind of band) and the Lewd. I don't know if Chris has done any bands since UB. I can't believe we broke up 12 years ago! haha.