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fredag 9 oktober 2009

Headstrong - L.A. Bootboys 87' (2007)

01. Alcoholic
02. Police
03. Spirit of 69
04. American pride
05. L.A. Bootboys 87'
06. Fast song
07. Getting lit
08. Misled youth
09. Bitch
10. Hope
11. Carol (Dead trendies cover)
12. Barry prudom (Combat 84 cover)
13. Chaos (4-skins cover)
14. Hidden bonus song 1
15. Hidden bonus song 2

Songs recorded in late 80's and released on cd by Disconnected Records in 2007 (most songs never released before).

The story about this band starts in early 80's when Martin Ruane (from Lions pride) & Mike Aiden befriended each other after the skinhead riots at San Diego Street Music Festival.
They started a 2-piece cover band by the name of American Pride, playing mostly for beer and doing old 4-skins covers. They later picked up Martin Doubling on drums & vocals and Bob Raft on bass. Finally they had a full band and decided that they needed a new bandname to start of new. Sonmehow they decided that they should go with the name The boys club (who's idea that was i dont know).
After a few gigs Barron Bodner replaced Martin Doublin on drums and they also realized that The boys club maybe wasnt the best bandname and changed it to Headstrong.

After playing alongside Martin Ruanes Lions pride & Bootboys at the local punk venues they went into the studio to record their first songs and the result was the Spirit of 69 demo.
They where supposed to record 2 songs for US of Oi! Vol.2 compilation and The oppressed was going to sign them to their Oi!/Ska Records but because of tensions within the band this never happened. They split up and went their separate ways in 1987.

This record is basically their discography and contains every song they ever recorded.
Tracks 1 & 2 being the last songs before the split-up. Also contains their entire Spirit of 69 demo and the two tracks that was supposed to be released on US of Oi! Vol.2.
Great innitiative by Disconnected Records since this is a very important band for the west-coast punk scene. Even if this isnt my favourite band they are solid on most parts and deliver some good songs (Spirit of 69 & Misled Youth being my favourites).
Like most US bands from this era its more hardcore then Oi!.

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