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torsdag 15 oktober 2009

Counterattack - State of affairs (2002)

01. State of affairs
02. Sledgehammer
03. Dave's song
04. Brother move on
05. Idiot box
06. Give a damn
07. Choose your weapon
08. Slavery
09. 21 guns
10. Skinhead

Their first cd released by Reality clash records in 2002.

As tensions grew in the band they got the chance to release their first full-lenght. After this record Aaron was kicked out of the group because of musical differences and personal conflicts with other bandmembers.

There is slow Oi! and there is sloooow Oi!. This being the last one i wonder what the hell they where thinking. Sounds like they did a punkversion of hiphops "screwed & chopped".
Most tracks are great but they have turned down the tempo so much that it actually sounds musically challenging to play the songs.
Just download and compare the new version of Sledgehammer with their old one and youll see what i mean.
Even if the album was a let down it has some tracks way better then all gereric shit other American bands released around this time.
The self-titled track being the best in the bunch and you can almost hear how Adam is holding the drums back not to get off beat (maybe this was the reason for Aaron leaving).

(Update 2009/12/26) Aaron was kicked from the band before this release and it is actually an old friend of the band called AD that is doing the vocals. (Sorry Aaron if i bashed you for something you didnt record) Thanks to Ethan for the information.

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  1. OI OI Bernhard! please re-up all the Counterattack. thanks for your dedication we appreciate ya.

    Timmy Jak