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lördag 24 oktober 2009

The bruisers - Cruisin' for a bruisin' (1993)

01. Till' the end
02. Greed
03. Raise yer glass
04. Borrowed time
05. Iton chin
06. Trouble
07. Dead end boys
08. 2 fists full of nuthin'
09. American night
10. Ollie vee (Buddy holly cover)

Released in 3000 copies on CD & cassette tape by Primitive Records
It was re-pressed in 5000 copies with new artwork in 1996 by Lost & found records and later on re-pressed by Tang! records with 5 live videos on digi.

Before this album Todd Sealy left the band and was replaced by Keith Richards on bass.

This album is far away from their old sound and marked the beginning of their new more commercial sound. The production value is way up and the sound is more streetpunk/rock'n'roll then Oi!. Being the most populair and wellknown albyum they ever released it contains many classic tracks such as Iron chin (covered by Discipline from Netherlands a couple of years later) and Till' the end that still to this day is one of the biggest commersial hits by an American skinhead band. My personal favourite is Trouble and it sounds more like they did before. Weakest in the bunch is the Buddy Holly cover and Dead end boys.

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