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lördag 10 oktober 2009

Brassic - Demo II (2009)

01. Warriors
02. Voice of freedom
03. The evil has landed (Arresting officers cover)
04. Fuck L.A. (Lonesoldier cover)

!!Note that this is not an officialy released demo but tracks that was supposed to be on their 2010 release but leaked out on the internet by mistake.!!

They have toned down the lyrics a bit on this one and one of their greatest influences Perkele from Sweden really shines through on the track Voice of freedom.
More rock n' roll and less aggro.
Also do a cover of the legendary Arresting officers (which actually is the weakest track on the demo).
They are currently working on a record that will be released through Oi! aint red Records and touring the US with british band Condemned 84.
Future plans include a split 7'' with british band Code 1 and touring the South America.
Be on the lookout for these guys cause cause they are going to be big (well big as in a big name in this obscure underground curcuit that is).

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