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söndag 18 oktober 2009

The allegiance - New noise DEMO (1988)

01. The retaliation
02. Oppressed
03. Old glory
04. New noise
05. Whatever happened to Oi!?
06. House of the rising sun (The animals cover)
07. Was it really worth it?

A band from Colombia that used to hang around Forced Reality back in the days.
They started up in 1986 as a 5-piece band but later reformed in 1988 with 3 members. Dave Stallings on vocals and guitar, Joe Gerlitzki on drums and Brian Carlson on drums.
Joe Gerlitzki used to play in a band called Warriors Pride and he also wrote the fanzine called Boots Brigade.
This is a band i cant imagine anyone seriously into music liking. They where ignorant, racist and most of all the WORST group to ever come out of the states.

This was their first demo and you would think people would seclude them from the scene after hearing it but no. The complete fuck-apes at german Rock-O-Rama records decided that this album was the "new noise" and actually wrote these guys a deal for 2 records. I cant distinguish none of the lyrics and i cant hear nothing that is even remotely musically interesting. The cover of The Animals House of the rising sun is a joke from beginning to end (and so is the rest of the demo).
Thsi band actully makes Rock-O-Rama's bastard child The mad hatters sound good.
Download and laugh.... Or cry...... Or look up their current whereabouts and make the world a better place.

2 kommentarer:

  1. "Thsi band actully makes Rock-O-Rama's bastard child The mad hatters sound good."

    That made me lol...mostly because it's true.

  2. has good sound,this band.i dont know what they saying,where to get their lyrics?