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söndag 4 oktober 2009

The unruly - The unruly (1998)

01. Nowhere to hide
02. Rise
03. Hopeless
04. Only skin deep
05. Call to arms
06. Clean cut
07. Taste of defeat
08. True to the boot
09. 10%
10. Wars entity
11. On the march
12. Lost cause

Released by Vulture rock in 1998.

(Update 21 April 2012: Uploaded the album again with complete scans of the cover)

The band had already broken up when this album was released and it takes a lot of guts by Vulture rock to release it since the former members had all come clean with their political affiliations by this time.

The album is not as strong as the demo and they seem to hate everything on this album, even people with purple hair haha.
The fact that they use samples from the movies Taxi Driver and Falling down gives you an idea how antisocial their mindset was when they recorded this album.
One of the songs that bring the album down is 10% and the retardation sickness a lot of Oi! singers during this era was struck with. I mean punk is punk and should sound raw but why try to sing like you come from a grouphome?

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