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fredag 17 september 2010

Niblick henbane - Happy happy Oi! Oi! (1995)

01. Roomate
02. NJ Oi!
03. One more beer
04. Whats your deal?
05. Fair odds
06. I like it dead
07. Marty's song
08. Wild weekend
09. Crime with a gun
10. Sex offender
11. Patriot
12. Icy cold
13. Angel (The pretenders cover)

Released by Headache records in 1996 (but the band claims it was released in 1995 so i dont know)

Joey D left the band because of tension between the band and his girlfriend and in stepped Chad to pick up the drumsticks. Chad was their twelth drummer since starting back in the 80's and he is still their drummer today.

Their first full-lenght and probably their most wellknow record. It is mainly new tracks but also contains some old demo and comp tracks from 88 all remade for this release. Also contains 2 songs from the record Brian sang on but this time its Harpo singing.

The record starts off good with their song from the comp Backstreets of American oi! (this was the first song i ever heard with the band) and then One more beer that is the best song on the record. They deal with a whole lot of different subjects in their lyrics like "toughguy" jocks on Fair odds, anti-healthfood anthem on I like it dead, personal beefs and verbal insults on Marty's song but also more typical Oi! lyrics like the one's heard on Patriot and NJ Oi!. All in all its a great album and i dont know if its a change from vinyl to digital, better studio or the drummer but the sound is more clear now.
This album can still be found at these distros and labels:
Headache records

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