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tisdag 14 september 2010

Niblick henbane - NJ Oi! 7'' (1990)

01. We don't want to play
02. Future
03. Danny's song
04. Tallahassee lassie (Freddy Cannon Cover)

Released by Headache records in 1990.

The first official release by the band after two demos released in 1988 (both those demo's where featured on their last record so they will be uploaded later). This release has Mike from The wretched ones on drums and Andy Skovran now plays bass after a year away from the band (under this year Armen from The wretched ones played bass for the band).
This record and the other two 7''s where later released on their 2007 record with old rare songs so this upload is basicly just for discography nerds like me and i guess everyone might enjoy the info i add with the upload.

First song is the best and it is followed by a PopOi! influenced song (reminds me a bit of Cock Sparrer actually) called Future that kind of stands out from how NB usually sounds like. Third track is one of their most known ones but at the same time one of my least favourite ones. Danny's song is sort of a lovesong for broken hearts and im all fine with that but to blend it ith that speedy Oi!.... i dont know.
Last track is a Freddy Cannon cover and even if it aint as good as the golden one it is another one of those covers that actually does something with the original. My dream is still to hear an Oi! cover of this old classic (atleast give it a try next time your band has a rehersal, you even get the backup Oi! chorus served for free in this song. If you add piano to the song to then it will get a sold 10/10 without questions hehe ;)).
This record can only be bought from collectors today. I found one for 35euro at Rawvinyl.

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  1. The download link needs fixed. Just letting you know...

  2. Fixed the link.
    Thanks for the heads up Jay

  3. The Outsiders (NJ greaser oi!) did a great version on the "GREASERS, PUNKS & SKINS Volume 1" comp. You can find it on the bands new discography CD "From Liberty to Death: The Complete Recordings". You can find both at: http://www.workingclassrecords.com/order.htm.

    - tdc