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torsdag 25 augusti 2011

Baltimore foot stompers & Chelloveck 4 - Split 7'' (1997)

01. Baltimore foot stompers - Downsize
02. Baltimore foot stompers - Wrongly accused
03. Chelloveck 4 - Jim Pursey's innocent
04. Chelloveck 4 - On the dole que

Released by Worship my brain Records in 1997.

(Update 11 September 2011: Al Quimet was also the singer for The pist.)

A nice and quite rare old gem that i bought from a collector on Ebay some time ago.
Both bands are from Connecticut and have a long history in everything from classic Oi! acts and quite famous hardcore bands.

Baltimore Foot Stompers was created in 1996 by Jim Martin on vocals (used to play in Broken and Malachi Krunch), Bill Collins on guitar (used to play in Special forces, Fang and the infamous MDC, after BFS he would play in streetpunk band Rabble rousers and later start his own solo aucustic project.). Also in the band was less famous Al Quimet on bass and Marvin White on drums.
They took their name from a footfetishist delinquent who went under the name Baltimore Footstomper in the movie Polyester. This was their only release and from what i know the band wasnt around for more than 2 years top.

Chelloveck 4 was created in mid '90s by Eric Darmon (guitar) and Jon Corbin (bass) who used to play in the legendary Forced Reality. Also in the band was Toby on vocals and Ken on drums.
This band released this split and a split with The deacons in 1999. I know the band got together for a short time in the '00s but dont think it resulted in any releases or demos or anything.

On the A-side we have BFS who bring the best result of the split. They play a nice and heavy punk sound that surprised me since most members have more background in HC than any Oi! or punk.
Both songs are great but the best one on the whole split is Wrongly accused. A damn shame they never released anything else.

Chelloveck 4 starts their side with a song that is a bit to noizy for me but pick it up again in On the dole que (do you even have them in the states?). Cant say i like the singers voice but the lyrics and a tight band makes it worth listening to.

9 kommentarer:

  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvqX_4jBh8A Chelloveck 4 song from Beer City records comp 1998

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X8NNEaVbhw "Evil Eye" from Vomit Punx reunion show, 1996.

  2. Chelloveck 4 also released a 7" split EP together witn Spoilers on Noxious Release records around 1998. The C4 songs on the EP are We Don't Like You and Kept Of The Charts


  3. Thanks D.S. had no idea about that release. Goes directly to my wishlist.

  4. Hi! I played guitar in Baltimore Foot Stompers.
    I just thought you ought to know that Al Ouimet is probably more well known than you realize - he's the singer for the great East Coast band The Pist. Just thought you might be interested, Cheers!
    Bill Collins

  5. Thanks Bill. Had no idea. Will update the info.

  6. any chance for a re-up

    1. Added it to the list. Will upload it soon.

  7. This is Jim Martin formerly of The Baltimore Foot Stompers. Thanks for posting this. I am still active with BROKEN. We have been together almost 20 years!

    1. Hi Jim. Nice to hear that you are still active. Thanks for some proper good songs