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tisdag 16 augusti 2011

The cuffs (introduction)

Band from southern New Jersey fencewalking inbetween Oi! and streetpunk that started out in 1996 by Mike (vocals and guitar) and Cook (is a guitarplayer at heart but since the band didnt know any bassist he grew into the role) when they where in their last year of school. They didnt have a drummer but what they did have was a friend called Jared so he basicly learned to play the drums to help the band out (now that's punk). They also added JC as a second guitarist but he left the band in 1997.

Instead of releasing a demo they decided to put out their first ep themselfs and soon they had shows booked with bands such as Limecell, The wretched ones and The boils. In 1997 they recorded a demo though and through that demo they got a spot on the Oi!skampilation series that later led to a deal with Headache Records. The same year (98) they released their first and only LP through Radical records called Bottoms up.
After this release they started moving up in the scene and toured with Rancid and Dropkick murphys. With this the loss of any interest of keeping the band alive came. The band unofficially disbanded in late 1999 and all 3 went back to school (they where only 20 at the time). After the band ended they still released one split ep and a last ep in 2001 on Headache Records. They played a couple of shows post99 but the absolutely last show was one they did with Sons of liberty in 2005 years Pontiac Grille Brawl.

The band is still not officially defunct but i cant imagine seing anything new by the band anytime soon. Still want more after i have uploaded the bands discography then check out the band that Mike and Cook started with their old guitarist JC called Broken Shillelaghs. Its a bit to Irish and streetpunk to me but still a decent band worth checking out if your into that stuff.

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