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tisdag 23 augusti 2011

Anonymous posters!

Dont get me wrong here. I am also anonymous and online that's the most secure way to move around but i have recently recieved some complaints from members of certain bands that people go in and slander them as anonymous.
Whats the difference between that and me spitting on Lars and Matt you might ask yourself?
First of all i know for a fact that i dont make the stuff up and in my world anybody who crosses my path is a fuckface. Being serious though i have my email posted on the site and my real name isnt that hard to figure out from that. Bottom line is if i piss someone of they can always contact me OR find out where i live.
Leaving an anonymous comment is just talking shit without any fear of facing the consicuenses.

I will not remove the option to post as an anonymous but any comment made under that option that calls out someone in a band of being fat, ugly, retarded etc will be removed.
Posting those comments as a blogger member or leaving your mailadress in the comment is an option and it will not be removed since the fat retarded person can contact you back.

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