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tisdag 30 augusti 2011

Templars - Clockwork orange horrorshow Double-EP (1995)

01. Clockwork orange horror show
02. Doing the dirty
03. Teenage warning (Angelic upstarts cover)
04. You'd better beware
05. War on the streets
06. Leaders of tomorrow (Major Accident cover)
07. Modern day ripper (Bonus-Not on original release)

Released by Vulture Rock in 1995 as a 6-track double EP.
Later released on CD by the same label in 1999.
In 2005 re-issued by Templecombe on CD and on a picture EP with an additional song added.

(Inbetween this record and the Return of Jacques de Molay LP they released a split LP with Red Alert that is impossible to get ahold of. All songs on that release where later released on other records but if anyone has it then please send me an email)

One of my least favourite release by Templars. When a cover of another band is the best song on the record you know it isnt a solid release. Nice cover art and the song War on the streets is on here but other than the Major Accident cover there isnt a whole lot of reasons to get this record. Not good by Templars standards but a good record compared to other stuff.
They still have the record at:
Jack Wolak's Rare
Angry young and poor
TKO Records
Common People Mailorder

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  1. A strong feelin' this will be epic. Keep 'em comming