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torsdag 18 augusti 2011

The cuffs & The vigilantes - Split 7'' (1999)

01. The cuffs - Cut throat
02. The cuffs - What can i do
03. The vigilantes - Another stranger
04. The vigilantes - Give up

Released by Flat Records in 1999.

Two great bands (will do The vigilantes sometime in the future) with an ok split. The vigilantes delivers the best song on the split with Give up. Even if this band (like many other) leans more to streetpunk than any Oi! sound i have always liked Jaspers voice that feels like a good and vulnerable ying/yang when put on a split with Mike gruffer vocals.
Not so impressed with The cuffs side though.
Sold out from all distros i know except Midheaven (that sells it for 0,25 dollars!!!!!!!)

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