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måndag 15 augusti 2011

Fighting 84 - Never give in DEMOCD (2011)

01. Never give in
02. The tide will turn
03. Vengence tonight

Their latest demo sent in to me by one of the members (wont wait half a year to put it up this time). Wasnt that long since they recorded their last demo but a lot of things has happened during these months. The band was under the influence of Templars while writing the first song but its a bit to noisy and offbeat for me to be honest.
Their second song called The tide will turn is probably the best one yet from the band and they all seem a lot tighter on this track than their older stuff. More of this please.
Vengence tonight is their attempt to make a slower rac'n'roll song but it falls flat mainly because of the drummer sounding like he is asleep at certain points. One positive thing with the song though is that it has clear vocals so its easy to hear the lyrics, dont know if it's cause im a Swede but i had a lot of trouble hearing the lyrics on the other tracks.

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