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tisdag 23 augusti 2011

Rival - The true will survive CD (1994)

01. Backstreet violence
02. Fence
03. Secret army
04. Blind justice
05. Time marches on
06. Border patrol
07. Ten on one
08. Side by side
09. Kids of today
10. Skinhead Oi! Oi!

Released by Rock-O-Rama in 1994.

Way more political than their earlier album and a bit more cheesy at certain places but still a decent album with more leanings to Oi! than the metal RAC that was huge in UK around this time.
If you can look past the chamefully cliché skinheadanthem called Skinhead Oi! Oi! (haha) and some to extreme lyrics there are some really great songs here in Secret army and the singalong friendly Side by side.

Fun thing is both songs Fence and Border patrol had a view on illegal immigration that was seen as racist back in the 90's. If you take out some more extreme lyrics from the song Fence the views are today quite common when talking to many Americans (with citizenship that is). Guess they where ahead of their time....

5 kommentarer:

  1. Okay I actually really liked this CD. It seemed a lot more rock and roll than OI, but that's what made it cool. The only songs I really didn't like was Skinhead OI! OI!, it seemed uninspired and Border Patrol, it just seemed never to get off the ground. The Fence I liked. I do find it funny that being from Michigan they where so worried about foreigners, they afraid that Canada is going to invade them?


    Brian Guy

  2. That Sham song you sent me was great Brian. They should have turned Beatles instead of poluting the scene with bullshit that would come after that song.

  3. Album cover looks as if it was done by the same artist that did the Declaration Of War by Rahowa cover

  4. Anonymous:
    I have no idea but i think the artist who made this cover is called Griffin.

  5. As for the cover artist: Griffin was the bass player for Vacant lot, after that he founded Aryan