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söndag 14 augusti 2011

The strong & Anal skins - The single EP (2008)

01. The strong - This is my home
02. The strong - We are the strong
03. Anal skins - I am in love (with my boots)
04. Anal skins - Our solution

Supposedly released by Braindead Records in 2008.

After Oil!, Jewdriver and Pink Panzer yet another American skinhead jokeband who called themselfs The strong popped up in 2008. The band The strong in itself (lyricly) isnt really much of a jokeband but the mystery that surrounds them makes me think the band never really existed except on these songs and the members heads. This split with a Malaysian band calling themselfs Anal skins (some sort of jokeband talking about assfucking revolution and dressing themselfs up in matching pink Perry shirts) is the only thing they have ever released.
Appearently they come from Chicago but since they dont show their faces on any bandphoto and use madeup names like Ace Face i cant really digg any deeper into this mystery.

Their sound is pure and unquestionable Oi! and both their songs are great with serious lyrics and judging from what i hear most members have a past in the US punkscene. Their songs are about hometown patriotism and skinhead pride, both with great singalong choruses.

The Malaysian band Anal skins on the other hand is a pure jokeband and quite gay if i can say so. I am not really a big fan of Malaysian bands since i cant really understand what most of them say but this band has a singer that used to live in USA back in the days. They take on such subjects as anal sex and middle class revolutionary girls in the same song and that earns them prestiegepoints in my book. Also this band is of the highest quality and sound really good.

I am a bit paranoid and dont even know if i am to believe that Anal skins is even from Malaysia or if the record even had a release (i got it sent to me last year by someone who was as confused as i was).
The truth is out there but i aint got the energy to hunt it down.

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