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söndag 28 augusti 2011

Templars - Poor knights of Acre 7'' (1993)

01. I've heard it all before
02. The right to work
03. Who's the real threat now
04. War on the streets

Released by Sonic Aggresson in 1993. Later re-released by Templecombe in 1998.

Originally released by Sonic aggression in 600 copies with the band posing on the frontcover. Later reissued in this bootleg by the band themselfs. Released in 666 copies (yellow/blue covers).

History facts for underground nerds: While kneedeep inside the holy land the templar order captured a muslim mosque called Al Aqsa (Acre) that layed on top of what was thought to be the ruins of the Temple of Solomon. The 9 knights that held this place called themselfs The poor knights of Christ and their emblem and symbol was a seal that depicted 2 knights riding on a single horse (to display their poverty). This order had no finances of their own and relied entirely on donations. There of The poor knights of Acre. This seal is often displayed on Templars merchandise and became the logo for their Templacombe records.

Great release with classic track War on the streets and the melodic The right to work that is my favourite track on the EP.
After this EP they released a split 7'' with Oxblood that i have already uploaded here.
Record is sold out from everywhere.

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  1. the two knights riding the same horse is also for some, a symbol of homosexuality, a crime they were accused by their ennemies in their time.

    sorry my english is crap..

    regards from France