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lördag 2 januari 2010

Templars & Oxblood - The powerfist split 7'' (1994)

01. Templars - Victim
02. Templars - Bovver boy
03. Oxblood - Working class life

Released by Vulture rock records in 1994.
The last album that Frank did vocals for Oxblood (wouldnt re-join the group until 2008).
A split with fellow New Yorkers and Oi! gods in Templars. Phil that plays drums in Templars actually played in Oxblood to around this time.
Both tracks by Templars are great but they where both released on another album (Reconquista) in much better quality (stop mailing me i will get to Templars soon but since they have released so many albums i am actually dreading to write their discography. Maybe my next vacation;)
Oxblood delivers a dirty track about the life as a worker and hits the spot with a lot of the lyrics (live for the weekend etc).
All in all a classic release but it lacks a bit in soundquality.

5 kommentarer:

  1. hello i have a album in mp3 from oxblood called 7 hard years. or im wrong and this is a "fake" album? chears keap the great work

  2. Hmm dont actually know if that one might be a re-release of their "6 hard years album" that was a discography they released in 1999. I know they re-released that one in 2001 but dont know if it was renamed. May i ask how many songs the album has?

  3. has 22 songs, i think i probably have it with the wrong name, seemes to me to be the same album, the correct name should be "6 hard years". going upload it? and what about their new realese? thanks

  4. Yes i will upload it after i have uploaded their "Crime stories" LP.
    I have their new EP but i have a rule that i dont upload anything that hasnt been out for sale less then 2 years (in respect for the artists). But since none of the artists seems to know i even exist and most other bloggs upload it directly im getting pretty sick of my rule. Check in this week and i might have uploaded it hehe.

  5. ok thanks i'll wait.