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fredag 29 januari 2010

The choice - Sunday soccer (1994)

01. Sunday soccer
02. Lost generation
03. Punks, skins & herberts
04. Dump the congress
05. Homeless in L.A.
06. Underdogs
07. 19 & bored
08. Not supposed to be
09. Alcohol abuse
10. The garage
11. Woking class stress
12. Free flight (instrumental)
13. Tonight

(The last tracks have wrong file-names and due to lack of intrest for the album and band i wont put down the effort into changing them. D.I.Y. after download)

Released by Helen of Oi! in late 1994.

Not the best quality since its an old rip of an old and scarred LP (not mine by the way i have better things to put my money on) but even great soundquality wouldnt have made me like it.
I know i will get hatemails for this but i am one of those that never understood what the whole thing with The Business was. Only their first LP was truly good and this one reminds me of their later things... not good.
Just naming the album Sunday soccer is enough to put me off. If your gonna be an American brittband you could atleast have named it Football sunday.
3 good tracks on the album. Punks, skins and herberts, Homeless in L.A. and the last called Tonight but except for those its not much of an album.

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  1. can this and any Choice records that havent already be re-upped? Thanks man

    1. Sure thing. Check back next week