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onsdag 20 januari 2010

Hated and proud introduction.

Something as rare as an actually good band from Detroit's scene.
Formed in 1999 by Joe on vocals, Andy on guitar, Abbot on drums (former vocalist of The catfish) and John on bass.
After playing some smaller gigs John was kicked from the band and replaced with former The catfich bassist Dolsen, though after some more shows both ex-Catfish members left the band cause of musical differences. Even with a lot of new members comming and going they seemed to form a solid sound that they would stick with until their breakup in 2003.
In early 2000 Scuff (from Rival) helped them record their first demo that they called 89 in 2000 ( a tribute to 77 in 82 by Special duties).
This demo contained many of their most famous songs like Red skin and AFW and because of the lyrical content of these songs they where banned by most promotors and pub-owners (cant be called Hated and proud for nothing haha). They also seemed to get more enemies then fans in their hometown and this was something that would continue untill they broke up in 2003.
In 2001 Dim Records signed them for a record and they got some promotional help in US by Dennis Chance from Bricks and bottles and Red, white and black. The result of their sudden musical fair wind was the Let freedom reign LP.
The band was dragged down by political differences and finally broke up in early 2002 just to get back together and release a single through Barracuda a few months later. In 2003 they recorded a 4-track demo but before anyone could hear it the band had split up for good. Many of the members went on to bigger (and not so good in my point of view) things. Joe the vocalist went on to front the RAC band Blood in your face and other members played on in bands such as the highly overated WP band Max Resist.

In 2008 Diehard records and Joe got together and released a CD packed with all their rare/demo recordings. Even if the members made shady carrer choices after the breakup this band was always a non-political political band.

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