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onsdag 27 januari 2010

Vanguard - Hard road to travel (2008)

01. What we bleed
02. Brand new boots
03. On the run
04. Glory
05. United
06. PLC (Power, corruption, lies)
07. We are Vanguard
08. Patriot action
09. Working man
10. Fencewalker
11. The horoor show
12. Culture war
13. Fuck the blues
14. Fight to win

Released by Dim records in 2008.

Gotta love Dim records for releasing another great American band. Dont understand why many US bands have to send their demos oversees to get their stuff released.
This time the band has expanded and picked up many of ATF's old members to fill the ranks. Nathan, James and Joseph are still in the band and they have now added ATF's old vocalist Luke on guitar and Ross from ATF on lead guitar.
This made a more complete sound and even if many songs lack the quality that they had on their first release the album is smacked full of great song both lyrically and musically.
Best tracks are Fence walker, Brand new boots, Fight to win and the anthem We are vanguard exlaining ones and for all "We're not sharps and we're not racists".
Thsi record is still available in many distros so go pick one up if you like it.
Then buy it at..
Pure impact
Dim records

12 kommentarer:

  1. sorry but the link doesn´t work i think. can you check it? thanks keep the great work

  2. So sorry filipe. It should work fine now.

  3. hello bernando, now is linked to a the distillers video on youtube. can you arrange it please. thanks a lot

  4. hahahaha. And no thanks for te video ;)
    This one was doomed to fail.
    Sorry fixed it and it 100% works now

  5. working perfect now thanks. Speaking of videos have you already seen this one?
    keep the good work cheers

  6. Yeah i got it but not really much i like on it. Vaticans and templars are great in the vid though.
    Thanks for the link to the rip. Now i can watch it at my laptop

  7. They are good friends of mine and I support them in their endevers, but I can say I never liked Vanguard after the original singer Justin left. It was downhill from there.
    I think they could have alot of potential if they had more variety in their sound.

  8. I have only heard 1 song from the old backstreet comp and i also liked the vocals better on that one. Still this band delivers songs that are way above the rest.

  9. Ross here.I play "LEAD" guitar for VANGUARD.
    Just wanted to put that out for your masses.
    James and I are currently in the works for a reunion show for our first band, The Beatdowns in the fall. And are working to remater "Blood Sweat and Beers" and our first split with the Hooliganz, "Sex,Droogs,Ruck'n'Roll".There might even be a live dvd of some sorts with old gig footage from around 2003 to 2005.So I'll keep you posted for a release date.Thanx for you support...

  10. thanks for this what a great LP
    love the sound, reminds me of old US OI.
    great guitar sound.

  11. could this be re-upped thanks man