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torsdag 14 januari 2010

Strongarm and the bullies - Demo (2002)

01. Honor among outcasts
02. Gone
03. Tonight
04. Life down beer

A rare demo from Strongarm and the bullies that resulted in their 2005 release You had it comming.
Ericksons rare vocal ability is as good as on the mastered release. The demo features a song that never made it further then a demorelease called Life down beer. Its a drinkingsong with a damn catchy chorus like in the most of their other songs.
It has been a lot of talk about a new release the last months that is going to feature new versions of their old songs and some new old tracks that never made it to any recordingsession. Lets hope that some recordlabel catches up on this.

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  1. Thanks Bernanado...never heard these versions. Love this guys vocals. Probably one of the most unique out there. "Honor Among Outcasts" ranks as one of my all-time faves. Great song.