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lördag 30 januari 2010

Various artists - Oi! its party time...... Volume one 7'' (1995)

01. The wretched ones - Killing for fame
02. The choice - Trendy girl
03. Dickheads - Dont care (France)
04. The service - Never trust the press

Released by One by one records in 1995.

A nice collectable EP by French label One by one that came out in 3 pieces. This one had 3 American bands, volume 2 had none and volume 3 that came out in 1997 had 2.
The long title for this release was Oi! its party time for real workingclass kids but i dont really understand the title cause none of the tracks are really "partysongs". If i was to make a party oriented album with American Oi! i would have added Patriot instead. All these songs was released on the artists albums so there is really nothing exclusive for this record either.
Great selection by The wretched ones and The service added one of my favourite tracks to finish the album of.
Since its nothing exclusive on the EP its for collectors only (the mp3's are for free though).

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