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fredag 15 januari 2010

Fear city - Our way of life (2007)

01. Old glory
02. Heros
03. Skinhead drama
04. South side pride
05. Side by side
06. FCS anthem
07. Beer goggles
08. Working class struggle
09. Chicago Oi!
10. Victory
11. Hippy scum
12. One more day
13. Dont turn your back
14. Fear city

Released by Nail wall records in 2007 (recordlabel started by the group).

Grant left the band cause his military service sent him to Korea and he was replace by EJ. Also new to the band is the rhytm guitarist Drew.
Contains all the songs from their demo except for the Romper stomper cover and a whole heap of new songs.
Dont really know what it is about this band that i dont like. I usually love this type of bands but i found myself turning of the cd and putting on Maddog surrender instead during the review.
All bandmembers are skilled as far as punkbands go and most lyrics are typical to Oi! but everytime i put on the cd i get stressed and want to turn it of.

Most tracks sound the same, Old glory is ok and Heros has a catchy chorus but thats as far as it goes.
Dont know if they are releasing anything new and simply dont care.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Hope you get around to some Maddog Surrender. I was just asking someone about their stuff the other day. All I've got is the Urban Riot split and some comp tracks. I'm not even real sure what's out there by them, but I like what I've heard.

  2. That split is one of the top ten albums i own. Both tracks by MS are great. Dont know much more of their discography then you but i own their full-length Betlehem Steel and i am going to upload it soon. Great album that one to.

  3. Damn good review. Its like nobody who lives in Chicago has the balls to tell them they suck and have corny lyrics