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fredag 15 januari 2010

Fear city - Demo (2005)

01. Fear city
02. Pulling up the boots (Romper stomper song)
03. Chicago style skinhead Oi!
04. Victory
05. Don't turn your back
06. FSC anthem
A band from south side Chicago (and damn proud of it) that was started back in 2004. Original members and also the members on this demo was Nupe (vocals), Phil (guitar), Dave (bass) and Grant on drums. They later changed this lineup for the 2007 full release but the sound is the same. Hardcore influenced macho punk with a lot lacking in the lyrical department.

Not that i dont like aggro skinhead music but some can pull it of and some just sound childish (Fear city being the last). I dont really have the energy to spend on a description for this band but you can go to the Chech site called Backstreet Battalion for a good interview with the band.
The demo is great in production and has a good cover of the old Pulling up the boots from the movie Romper stomper with some lyrics replaced!?!? to fit their patriotic yet antiracist image. Also has a typical anti-terrorist/9-11 anthem called Victory where they talk about going undercover and finding militant muslims and killing them (something tells me that this is just more toughtalking from the band).
Much respect to Nupe for wearing an Effegies t-shirt (only wished that they could have sounded more like them instead).

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