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fredag 8 januari 2010

Information for the song H.A.D. by Across the hudson

As i always say this site wont be an outlet of politics left or right. This is not in any way a political crusade from my part just a vote for the underdogs.

Before i write the lyrics i have to explain what the song is about and the story starts somewhere around 1970 at the today infamous Kent State shootings where 4 "peace" protesters was shot down by policemen. What the liberal media always forget was that these protestors was part of the Communist front group that had tight connections to the Vietnamese communist party that America WAS IN WAR WITH! They where shouting kill!kill!kill! and throwing bricks of concrete. FIFTY-EIGHT guardsmen was injured, knocked to the ground and beaten, they paniced and opened fire at the crowd for 13 seconds killing 4 of the rioters. Well maybe being shot is an outcome when beating on a uniformed man with a gun.... i dont know?

Some days later the mayor of New York John Lindsay ordered that the American flag on all city buildings should be lowered to half staff. Remember this was at a time when hundreds of Americans died in vietnam everyday and he decided to lower the flag in respect for some privilaged students that had conecctions to the group that the nation was fighting against.

Constructionworkers at the Empire state builing site found out about this and decided to show their friends in Vietnam the respect they deserved. When anti-war protesting students assembled at Wall Street (some flying the viet-cong flag) they didnt know that the REAL workingclass also had hit the streets that day. This was the showdown of one of Americas most forgotten events The hard-hat riots.

By noon thousands of workers from around NY had assembled (some flying signs like America, love it or leave it) and many of them had come to do more then support their troops. Around a hundred of the hardhats started moving towards the policeline that seperated them from the students. After some hateful shouting from both sides a man in his mid 40's (the man in the picture) spit on one of the workers American flag and all hell broke loose. The man was chased up on the Washington monument and beaten to a pulp by the angry mob. They chased and beat the students that wasnt used to any oppositions in their riots. After some sceenes that by vitneses looked like a warzone the workers decided to storm the building and raise the American flag to full staff.

The only thing the the media talked about after this event is the fact that the police stood by and never helped the students. Well maybe the guy throwing rocks at you aint the biggest priority when the shit goes down?

What i never understood is how come this day has been wiped out of American history and how come the Hollywood elite that loves these type of scenes hasnt made even 1 single movie about this event?

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  1. Maybe it was "wiped out" because in the aftermath of this war even those involved (as vets, "falcons" etc) later realized/admitted that it was a senseless conflict from the very beginning, and that the States involvement was based on lies. ...But if u are thriving on anti commie events like the above mentioned why not write something about Greensboro '79. Another example of the "real working class", don't u think?