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fredag 29 januari 2010

The choice (Introduction)

A band from Los Angeles that was active in 1992-1998. The band released one 7'' and a full-length album through british label Helen of Oi!.
Band consisted of Smitty on vocals (also played bass in Prop 13 at the same time), Miguel on bass, Mike Snow on guitar and last but not least "Screwy Louie" on drums.
In 1993 Tim from minor Brapp records found out about these guys and helped them release an EP in 1994 (would later be re-released by Helen of Oi!). Somehow Bob Burridge in England heard the EP and signed them to his label Helen of Oi!. Later that same year they released their first and only LP called Sunday soccer that was a massive succes (in punk) in UK.
Hated by many in US for their "wannabe" british attitude they still got much love throughout the westcoast and toured with many other big Oi! names until the breakup in 1998.

After the breakup many most of the members went on to bigger (and some smaller) things.
Smitty continued on to play with his other band Prop 13 (great band by the way) and later played bass and vocals in punkband Crisis point.
Miguel went on to play bass with the punkrock band The bombshells (still active today).
Screwy now plays drums in the Disgustingtons and Mike went on to play in The generators.

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