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torsdag 28 januari 2010

Weekend bowlers - What are we gonna do about this? (2001)

01. Feminazi
02. Break it up
03. Drinkin with the boys
04. We'll still be here
05. Too deep
06. Strut
07. I know who my friends are
08. Answers
09. Carried away
10. Brown paper bag (The bruisers cover)
11. Drinkin with the boys (Live)
12. Thin line (Live)

Released by Haunted town records in 2001.

Damn this is a great record!!!!!
A bit more melody on this record and hell of more Bruisers influences this time around. This is yet another punkalbum that i cant understand why it never broke through its underground fan-base. The "hitpotential" on songs like I know who my friends are and We'll still be here are the kind that makes you question what the fuck the musicindustry is shooting up its arms. Give those fuckfaces a shovel so they can digg up some truly great bands for a change.
Personal favourite is the scene oriented song Break it up.
If it is brutal and violent Oi! you are looking for you will probably not like this album but if you give it a chance you will probably find yourself singing along on a lot of the tracks.

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