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tisdag 5 januari 2010

Oxblood - 6 hard years (1999)

01. Oxblood
02. Under the boot
03. Warpath
04. Traitor
05. Our colors
06. Working class hell
07. Die hards
08. Our city
09. In the first
10. Justice
11. Wanted man
12. Revenge
13. Ruthless violence
14. The other side
15. Law man
16. Traitor (Original recording)
17. Police (Original recording)
18. Under the boot (Original recording)
19. Oxblood (Original recording)
20. Working class life (Original recording)
21. Our colors (Original recording)
22. Die hards (Original recording)

Released by Punkcore records in 1999. (not in 2001 like most distro's seems to think)

A "greatest hits" record consisting of all their songs recorded from 1992-1998 and a bit of a goodbye album. It contains their old albums and 2 songs that was released through compilation albums but also contains 7 never before released tracks that was their first recordings.
If you own their previously released albums this is not a necessary album. Mainly just for nerds that wants to know how the songs sounded before they where mastered.

Best track in the bundle is the one that was on US of Oi! vol. 2 called Our colors. Its a patriotic "hippiesmasher" anthem that gives a good portrait of their violent nature that they where known for around NY (Dont you burn our flag, our colors will never run).

Since it a "greatest hits" album it wont get the same treatment as the original records and therefore a lower grade.

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